About Me

I am located in beautiful Cottonwood Arizona.  I am passionate about many things one of them being my photography.  I absolutely love being a photographer helping people preserve their memories and special events through photographs. I am in love with color and am always striving to use color and the beauty of nature, and incorporate it into my outdoor photo shoots whenever possible.  I also love the varied challenges home photo shoots provide and am consistently learning and evolving as an artist and photographer.  I graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2002 and am so happy to be using it to do something that makes me so happy.   I also offer 3 dimensional belly casting to help preserve the beauty of pregnancy. 
I want to help capture all of life's major milestones from pregnancy, birth, childhood, high school and college graduation, to engagements, weddings, family portraits, and everything in between.




 My photographic style is natural, and laid back using the beauty of natural light and the surrounding area.  I am constantly scouting out that perfect location either for a backdrop or just in the beauty of nature itself.   It is all about capturing that special moment for me!!  I try to be as invisible as possible and I find that that is when I get the best photos.  I am very comfortable on both outdoor location shoots, or the privacy of your own home. 


A photography session can last from two to three hours.  I will spend as much time as needed to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the process. After the session is complete I will begin my digital darkroom artistry and you will receive your online sign on to access the proofing gallery, between four and six weeks after.  From that time you will have three months to choose the prints for your package and any other prints you may want to purchase.  When I receive your prints I will deliver them and we can go over them together.       


My love of sculpture is where my custom Belly casts come in.  In addition to photography I want to use my creativity and Fine Art degree to capture that special moment for you and your family.  I want to freeze that beautiful pregnancy shape in a three-dimensional plaster sculpture to keep as a momento frozen in time.  I can either decorate the belly cast or you can decorate it yourself.  Belly casts will be done in the privacy of your home with as many people participating as you wish.